Allison Hillberry, LMT, CA
Integrated medical and therapeutic Massage and clinical aromatherapy

Types of Treatments Available

Come and see me, and we can decide which of the following therapies or combination of therapies are right for you...

Swedish/Deep Tissue- This form of massage is extremely relaxing and supports every system of the body. Usually this technique is applied to full body for 60 minutes or half of the body for 30 minutes. This is usually somewhat generalized, but can deeply focus on a troublesome area too.

Triggerpoint Therapy- This form of massage targets those painful "knots" we end up with when we are overworked and overstressed. This form of massage CAN be very relaxing, but can also be a bit uncomfortable until the triggerpoints release and the muscle lengthens out to it's normal state. The discomfort you may feel during this treatment is often described as "A Good Hurt", meaning it is such a relief to have pressure applied. The key is communicating with me when pressure is good or if it is too deep. I will always work in your comfort level.

Myofacial Release- This form of massage focuses on restrictions in the tissue that kep you from having full range of motion. These restrictions can be present as a result of recent trauma, or even very old injuries that happened in childhood. I focus on the "fascia" layer with this treatment. I may use my hands and/or massage tools that help loosen the layers of tissue that are "stuck". Again, I will always work within your comfort level, so we will be actively communicating with each other what you are feeling so we can achieve the greatest relief of your pain.

Accupressure for Headache/Sinus Relief - Specific points in the head/face/neck are pressed with the intent to relax the whole area and drain sinuses. The neck is always massaged when treating for headaches since tight muscles in the neck cause a very large percentage of headaches.

Do you have Fibromyalgia/autoimmune/unexplained symptoms? I am currently targeting this part of the population with a unique treatment I have been working on. I myself have suffered in this area and have a special place in my heart for wanting to bring relief to those who are frustrated with trying to manage the unexplained/misunderstood symptoms that go along with these conditions. Call me for a consultation/evaluation so I can explain the therapy I am currently using.

Sports Massage and Kinesio Taping - great for atheletes and weekend warriors that have "overdone" things a bit.

Aromatherapy!!! I am also a Certified Aromatherapist trained to consult and make special essential oil blends. I'm happy to go over your goals and help you replace some of the things in your medicine cabinet with all natural alternatives. Let's sit down and talk oils.

Meddi-cupping and VacuTherapy- This will be great to release old injuries and scar tissue as well as boost the immune system and move the Lymphatic System.


***COMING SOON!!! Neuro Reset Therapy. Communication with the nervous system in a noninvasive way to trick the body into releasing muscles***

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